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Coming Out Week: Hiccup’s Story

For Coming Out week, I wanted to share not just my own coming out story but a video (see below) about love and acceptance, especially with the cultural challenges Asian LGBTQ individuals face in coming out to their families.

I am so lucky my mom — my Asian Catholic mom — embraced me with a full and open heart one Sunday afternoon when I was 25 years old, riding in my truck to a Lunar New Year celebration. She sets the bar pretty high for love…

Mom: “How’s your friend from college doing…Wilma Flintstone?”
Me: “She’s doing great, she bought a house recently. With her girlfriend.”
Mom: “Oh.”
Me: “She’s gay. Wilma’s gay.”
Mom: “Oh.”
Me: “I’m gay too.”
Mom: “….”
Mom (softly): “I know.”
Me: “Wait, you know?!”
Mom: “A mother knows.”
Me: “How long have you known?”
Mom: “A long time.”
Me: “…”
Mom: “I’ve been doing some reading about it.”
Me: “You’ve been doing some reading?!”
Mom: “You cannot help it. It’s nature. You were born that way.”
Me: “…”
Mom: “I love you.” *pats my shoulder*
Mom: “I just want you to be happy.”

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