I, Queer

How to Be an Adult: Trash Bag Edition

  1. Realize you’re running low on trash bags.
  2. Buy big box of 200 at Costco.
  3. Put box in back of car.
  4. When unloading car, tell yourself you’ll bring in the box of trash bags later.
  5. Do other things for a week.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 3.
  7. Say “WTF I already bought a box of these?!” when you see the first box in the back of the car as you put the second box in the back of the car.
  8. Bring both boxes into the house.
  9. Set them up as a shrine in your laundry room.
  10. Google “how to use 400 trash bags as a single woman living alone.”
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