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Out & About: Hipster Server at Hipster Pizza Joint

You were a hipster-y server at one of Seattle’s many hipster-y pizza joints…in this case, Serious Pie.

[Editor’s Note: Yeah I know, there’s nothing sadder and futile than crushing on a server because being nice to you is part of their job and the nicer they are, the bigger your tip (hopefully). Still, sometimes a Hiccup just can’t help it…]

It was after work and the place was really chill and you sashayed over in your rock band tee and sleeve of tattoos and brown curly hair and blue grey eyes that matched the Pantone code of your shirt.

My friend ordered a cocktail. I was about to order an iced tea but then you adorably launched into a mini-presentation about the house made sodas. Most servers give zero fucks about customers who don’t order alcohol, but you put forth a ton of energy into my mocktail choices. I mean, who does that? You! You do! And that’s why I ended up ordering three of those damn things and giving you a 40% tip.

I bet you saw me coming from a non-alcoholic mile away….

Featured Photo Credit: pixabay.com

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