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Out & About: Young Brunette Personal Trainer at Gym

One of the best parts about belonging to a gym are Gym Crushes. So many attractive, fit people you see regularly for short amounts of time…it’s a Crush Incubator.

I hadn’t seen you until you worked the front desk one morning and told me about a current promotion: one free session on strength training for women. You were super excited and adorable. And a very young, long-haired brunette who was very young…anyway, all I could muster was “Oh, I’ll think about it” before I scurried away like an R.O.U.S.

For the rest of my workout I contemplated whether it would be sad, pathetic or both if I signed up for that promotion just to get a personal training session with you…

Yep, this definitely qualifies as Dirty Creep behavior and the last thing I want to be is that Creepy Old Lesbian lurking around dark corners of gyms and Home Depots…so consider me checked.

I’ll just be normal and crush on you from the safe confines of the treadmill, hoping you’ll catch a glimpse of my Sarah Connor-like arms at which point you’ll just have to strike up a conversation…

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