The 10 Seattle Lesbians You Meet on Tinder

Last week we introduced the 10 Seattle Lesbians You Meet on OKCupid. But what about those PNW Tinderellas?

#1 – Tonya, 31. Attended School of Life. CEO at Planet Earth. If you don’t plan on meeting IRL, SWIPE LEFT.

#2 – Jess, 26. Just arrived in town. Has been here 24 months. Wants someone to show her around her new city. Her linked Instagram is 25 pages of filtered close-ups of raindrops on lily pads.

#3 – Angel, 29. Common interests include: The Stranger, Neumos and The Walking Dead. Swipes right on everyone but never messages. Tinder sucks.

#4 – Miyuki, 45. In Seattle for a conference. Every photo taken with flash in a bar. Holding a pint of beer in right hand. Left wrist has approximately 34 silver bangles. One mile away.

#5 – Kris, 30. Half of a hot couple looking for a sexxxxxy girl to join them. She prefers 4-inch heels. He prefers self-tan spray and untucked, short-sleeve button down shirts. Both prefer sunsets on the beach.

#6 – Lauren, 27. You have 126 1st degree connections and 459 2nd degree connections in common. Holy fuck, it’s your ex-girlfriend. Swipe this, you cheating bitch.

#7 – Molls, 21. Duckface selfie. Backwards visor. Neon pink Kirkland CrossFit tank top. Beer pong. Lesbian + Bro = Lesbro.

#8 – Susan, 38.

#9 – Alex, 31. 👭👭 Handknit beanie, braided pigtails, cradling a mug of coffee with her fingerless wool gloves. Snowcapped Cascades in the background. Super Likes are accidental.

#10 – Trina, 33. Your boss. Your boss? Definitely your boss. Wearing nothing but a green Starbucks apron and straddling a rocking horse covered in KEXP stickers. It’s a Match!





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